Our school runs an integrated curriculum where the best of every aspect of two curricula practices have been carefully selected and merged to suit the developmental needs of the child.

To this end, we have integrated the Nigerian Curriculum with the American HighScope curriculum for our preschool, Pre-k and Kindergarten and the American creative curriculum for our infants, toddlers and twos. They construct their own knowledge through interactions with the world and the people around them. Children take the first step in the learning process by making choices and following through on their plans and decisions. Teachers, caregivers, and parents offer physical, emotional, and intellectual support. In active learning settings, adults expand children’s thinking with diverse materials and nurturing interactions.

HighScope has unique features that differentiate it from other school programs. One is the daily plan-do-review system. A second unique feature is the curriculum content, the social, intellectual, and physical building blocks that are essential to young children’s optimal growth. Our content areas are organized in eight main categories that correspond to international learning standards; the categories are

(1) approaches to learning;

(2) social and emotional development;

(3) physical development and health;

(4) language, literacy, and communication;

(5) mathematics;

(6) creative arts;

(7) science and technology; and

(8) social studies.

Our curriculum aims at developing the children’s decision making skills, their verbal skills and their creativity.

We also include a period of direct instruction during the day. This is a period of intensive learning where children are directly taught basic concepts by the teacher especially in the areas of literacy and numeracy thereby putting them in a position to compete favourably both locally and internationally.

Classroom segmentation:

infants- 3 months to 17 months
toddlers and twos( 18months- 35 months)
Preschool- 3yrs by September of every academic session
Pre-K-4yrs by September of every academic session
Kindergarten- 5 yrs by September of every academic session