About Us

The Kazich
"Our Vision is to To become an internationally recognized and accredited name in education, producing well rounded children with exceptional life skills who can compete favorably with children all over world”. Our Vision
The Kazich School is an American-Nigerian curriculum based school with early years, grade school and middle school sections. Established in 2007 as purely a daycare, we morphed into a proper early years and grade school in  2014, and by 2020, our middle school section was birthed.
At The Kazich School, the parents are more of our partners than our clients. we are strongly focused on building a community and this goal requires a strong synergy between the school and the parents to bring out the best out of our children whom we care dearly for.
Our greatest propeller has been the consistent, positive feedbacks we receive from our parents and the obvious growth and progress seen in our kids over time. Our new location offers us the privilege of expanding our extra-curricular activities and including activities such as swimming, soccer, basketball, taekwondo, ballet, dance, music, chess and cookery clubs. Our kids get to enjoy our outdoor sports facility, which includes a multi court featuring a soccer pitch on our 5-aside standard pitch, a basketball pitch, a 25m race track and our picturesque play area ideal for every child. As a STEM/STEAM compliant school, we have a well equipped science laboratory, and a school library to encourage our kids to research more both theoretically and practically. We also lay strong emphasis on ICT, coding and robotics.
Furthermore, we inculcate language immersion programs into our classes by integrating French and Spanish as core aspects of our curriculum..We take public speaking very seriously and as such, our kids are exposed early to confidence building.
With the recent global pandemic, we have upgraded our facility to meet international health standards. With the creation of automated sanitising stations, installation of human sanitising machines, shoe stations, a well equipped sick bay with a well qualified school nurse on ground. We invite you today for our tour of our beautiful facility.
We can’t wait to welcome your child/ward into our warm and loving environment.
See you soon.